Kinnity Castle™ became a premier Irish hotel and wedding venue after all the fantastic work done by Cornelius and family to create what we all know and love today. This is evident from the many appearances of Kinnitty Castle™ on TV shows and on Youtube.

A Boyzone Wedding

Take a look at how the Stars Do it In Kinnitty Castle Shane Lynch married Sheena White in an exclusive celebrity wedding in August 2007 with a star studded guest list of stars from the world of music and film.   read more

Most Haunted

An episode of Most Haunted was filmed at Kinnitty Castle which aired on 14th Sept 2004   read more


Traditional Irish Music Inspired by Kinnitty Castle As sure as my name is Kearney, The Barack Obama Reel   read more

Brides of Franc

Brides of Franc We've got.. HARRYED; RTE show gives couple Potter wedding. Harry Potter Wedding at Kinnitty Castle   read more

Swiss Television

Swiss Programme by the Television Suisse Romande    read more