Unique attractions in the Midlands

The region around Kinnitty is steeped in Irish culture and heritage with evidence of earliest human inhabitation dating back over 8,500 years ago to the shores of Lough Boora, only a short drive from Kinnitty Castle.
The region was also the chosen location for many monastic settlements and historic castles, the remains of which still exist today.

Visit at your leisure the many Castles, Monastic Sites and other unique attractions of the Midlands & Shannon Region.

Slieve Bloom Mountains

Beautiful unspoilt mountain range, rising up from the central plains of Ireland. The O’Carrolls, once rulers of the Slieve Bloom mountains, valleys  and glens, held about forty castles in the area and for many centuries resisted domination by the Anglo-Normans, the English and other...   read more

Monastic Sites

Offaly’s early Christian monastic heritage is being rediscovered and presented to locals and visitors in a fresh way.Kinnitty Castle boasts its very own High Cross located just in front of the Castle and remains of the ancient monastery can be seen in the existing castle walls.Clonmacnoise (6th...   read more

Lakelands & Waterways

Kinnitty Castle lies close to Ireland's largest river, the Shannon and also the Grand Canal. Take part in the many waterbased activities of just enjoy a walk along the banks of our many rivers and lakes. Enjoy a cruise on the Shannon or take a barge along the Grand Canal.A wide choice of water based...   read more

Lough Boora Sculpture Park

Enjoy a leisurely walk or cycle through the natural flora and fauna which attracted the earliest hunter gatherers to the centre of Ireland some 8,500 years ago. The magnificent wetlands and wildlife wilderness of Lough Boora now hosts some of the most innovative land and environmental sculptures...   read more