Spa Offer's




Eye brow wax

Lip wax

Chin wax

Lip & Chin wax

Underarm wax

Bikini wax…

Full leg wax

Full leg wax incl. Bikini

Abdomen wax

Back wax


*(24 hour patch test required for tinting and waxing)



Hands & Feet


Nail Care:  Jessica

Jessica spa manicure deluxe (with heated mitts)

Jessica spa pedicure deluxe (with heated booties)

Nail file and polish

Nail file and French polish

False Nails application



Spray Tan: Fake Bake

Full Body

Half Body

Upper body and legs



Eye Treatments


Zoom anti-ageing organic eye treatment

(Course of 6 recommended) zoom eye treatment x6

Eye brow trim

Eye brow wax

Eye lash tin

Eye brow tint

Eye bright (Eye brow shape, eye lash & eye brow tint)


*(24 hour patch test required for tinting and waxing)





Reflexology is a theory that uses the feet as a map,or mirror, image of the whole body. By manipulating and applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, the whole body can be re-tuned and brought back into balance.

(30 mins)








Back Massage (30 mins)


Focusing on the specific area of the back to release muscle tension at a deep level




Leg & foot massage (30 mins)


Focusing on specific areas of the legs and feet to release tension at a deep level and remove toxins



Cosmetic face, Neck and Chest massage (20 mins)


Focusing on complete relaxation of the face, neck and chest areas while also improving blood circulation by allowing oxygen to be drained to the surface of the skin



Rose Petal Back Wrap


Luxurious and relaxing. Rose serum and steam combined to relax and purify.






Essential Oil Hydrotherapy Bath


Complete relaxation ‘body, mind and soul’….






Ilcsi organic facials


‘A family behind the company’

Ilcsi is an organic skin care range which we specialise in here at the Gate Lodge Spa. Aunt Ilcsi whom Ilcsi beautifying Herbs ltd was named after, began her career in cosmetics in 1958. She established the firm with the help of her son, Ferenc Molnar, in 1984. In this classic family enterprise Aunt Ilcsi together with her son, collected the ingredients and produced, developed and sold the products. To this day the Ilcsi products we use in our spa are gathered for us by hand and prepared from leaves, petals, plants, etc.



Harmony Organic Mini Facial


Suitable for all skin types. A lovely introduction to Ilcsi’s unique organic facial treatments, ‘relaxing and warming’

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