Spa Etiquette

To Help You Enjoy Your Visit to Gate Lodge Spa

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday Times TBC

Arrival Time
Please do not hesitate to ask if you would like a treatment explained to you in further detail.
We ask you to arrive at least 15minutes before your scheduled treatment time to ensure your relaxation and orientation before commencing your spa experience. Please note that as a courtesy to all our clients a prompt appointment schedule is adhered to and hence as a matter of course we are unable to honour late appointments for their whole duration.

Noise & General Spa Etiquette
Our Spa offers an environment of total peace, relaxation and tranquillity. In order to achieve this and in respect of all our Spa guests, we ask that you please turn off your mobile phones when entering the spa and they are not used in the area of the spa at any time for the duration of your stay. We ask that noise be kept to a minimum whilst enjoying the spa, its facilities and treatments.

Entry to the spa is for adults of 18 years and over. Please note that children are unable to enter the spa at any time.

For your comfort and convenience, robes, towels, slippers and lockers* are provided for your complimentary use during your stay with us. Please enjoy their use during your stay and when finished we kindly ask that they be returned to spa reception prior to departing. As swimwear is required in our Relaxation Suite, please ensure you bring this with you. (*Please note the owners and management take no responsibility for your personal valuables chosen to be left in any area of the spa at any time, even when in a secure locker)

Dress Code
Gown and slippers in the Spa’s public areas, swimwear in the Relaxation Suite area and cabins. Please note that slippers must be worn in every area for the spa at all times – bare feet are not allowed.

Health & Safety
Please take responsibility for your health and safety while using the facilities of the spa at all times. If you have any ongoing medical condition or are pregnant, we recommend that you seek advise from your GP prior to using the facilities of the spa and ore as well as making a staff member aware of your condition. If you feel faint, dizzy or unwell at anytime whilst in the spa or during treatments, please stop using them immediately and seek assistance.

While some treatments are unsuitable there are many that are perfect and our spa team will be happy to advise you on exactly the treatments best suited to your requirements and stage of pregnancy.

Making a Booking
To avoid disappointment we recommend you book at least 2-4 weeks in advance of your preferred date and choice of treatment time.

Terms & Conditions
Who can use the Spa?
Please note that the Gate Lodge Spa is only available to persons over the age of 18.

Treatment Hours
Treatments are available for both men and women who are residents of the hotel, business and leisure. Day spa package guests and non-residents alike from the hours of ? to ?* Monday to Sunday

* (Please note that Public Holidays hours may be subject to change)

We accept all major credit cards and room charges. All prices are quoted in euros and are per person unless otherwise specified. Treatments for non-residents must be settled in full upon departure from spa.

A credit card number is required at time of booking to secure your reservation

Clients needing to cancel any booked appointments or packages are required to give the following notice:
Treatments & Packages:
 - 24 hours notice is required to avoid any cancellation charges
 - 24-12 hours there will be a 50% of original booking value cancellation charge and within 12 hours notice, 100% of your original booking value will be charged.

*Times are subject to change if necessary

Please note that treatment details and prices are correct at time of going to print. The management reserve the right to alter or amend any of the details of the brochure at any time without prior notice.

While every effort is made at all times to ensure the correct functioning and service of all our equipment and facilities, the management reserve the right to close any area of the spa or its facilities at any time for essential maintenance work.